November 7-10 2018

The RUNWAY runs again from Toronto to Montreal!

The Mission

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The RUNWAY, led by coach Darren Weldrick, is a running club based out of Toronto, Ontario. It is made up of athletes of all levels who meet regularly for customized coached workouts and strength training designed to support their individual goals.

In May 2017, coach Weldrick dreamed up the idea of 600+ km from Toronto to Montreal as a team relay in November. Who else could possibly want to attempt this feat of mental and physical endurance? It turns out that many of the club members did; Nine in fact. So here we are, a team of ten runners: Road runners, trail runners, and track runners stoked take on this incredible challenge.

The group wanted it to be more than just a personal challenge. We wanted to run for something greater than ourselves so we will be using this challenge to raise awareness and much needed funds for three wonderful charities: Start2Finish, Good Foot Delivery & Support Services, and the Kensington Health Centre. Each has a special meaning to the team.

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